Springtime Safety Tips for Family Pets

Springtime Safety Tips for Family Pets

Despite COVID-19, Spring has arrived. Are your pups and kitties ready for more time in the fresh outdoors? Not sure?

Here are a few must-have reminders to keep your pets healthy and safe as spring arrives.   








Do your pets need a bath before flea and tick treatments? How about cleaned and refreshed pet beds? Follow to the end to see more from the ASPCA.

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*Follow veterinarian recommendations for furry medical issues*


Fleas and ticks are parasites that like to feed off the blood of hosts such as cats, dogs, and people. They are bothersome to our pets, causing them to itch and scratch. These pests can cause disease to spread through blood. Year-round preventative treatment for fleas and ticks is common practice but check with your vet for recommended treatment and prevention.

Fleas and ticks attack untreated cats and dogs when they go outdoors. The pests are then carried indoors where they become a nuisance for the people living in the house. Pesticides treatments may be needed if fleas become an issue indoors. These pests can transmit diseases to people the same as they do to cats and dogs. So be mindful to follow your veterinarian recommendations and treat your pets to keep them and your family free from pesky fleas and ticks. Check out the link below for more from the ASPCA.











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