Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Tips for traveling with your dog


Tips for traveling with your dog

First- make sure that your pet’s immunizations are up to date and bring his records with you on your travels, and make sure that he has a collar with identification tags

Second- overtime, gradually increase the length of car rides before going on your long trip and when doing so, make stops for potty breaks, treat time, walks on a leash, cuddle time, and pay attention to your dog during vehicle travels

Third – introduce your dog to people and dogs other than those in your household                                                                          

Fourth-If you find your dog to have anxiety with car rides, check with your veterinarian for potential causes, treatments, and preventions. Have a family member sit close enough to your dog for comfort, try an anti-anxiety vest, chew toys and bones, and if he has a favorite blanket or such keep that with him…. “Bring food, a bowl, a leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication and first-aid, treats,  and any travel documents. Pack a favorite toy or pillow to give your pet a sense of familiarity. Be sure to pack plenty of water and avoid feeding your pet in a moving vehicle. Your pet’s travel-feeding schedule should start with a light meal three to four hours prior to departure, and always opt for bottled water. Drinking water from an area he or she isn’t used to could result in stomach discomfort (ASPCA).”



Fifth– take safety measures to protect your dog from being thrashed about in your vehicle. Travel crates, safety belts, no-slip surfaces

Sixth- Provide water access and healthy dry food and snacks,

Seventh- Be sure to take a pet safety kit on your travels



Eighth- Drive safety and never leave your dog in a non-ventilated vehicle


Ninth– While driving, be sure that your dog is receiving adequate ventilation

!!!Don’t forget your dog as you get back on the road from a rest stop!!!








And as always, visit your veterinarian for any concerns or suggestions prior to travel, bring your vet’s contact information with you for easy and quick access should it be required.




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