Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

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Trimming Cats Nails

 I don’t know about anyone else, but I dread trimming my cat’s nails. It takes my husband and I both to take on the task, he holds the cats and I trim. So, I thought I would gather some professional suggestions for those in the same position as their cats. But, don’t forget that groomers and your veterinarian are also a great option should you need additional support.


Research in the professional literature offers the first tip that indicates having two people, one to hold and one to trim, is quite helpful and comforting to the cat. Petting the cat, talking with a calm voice, and not rushing is also helpful during the process. Another recommendation is to swaddle the cat in a towel to keep him from squirming about and scratching you or hurting himself.

Professionals recommend, if possible, to introduce clippers to your cat as a kitten to decrease fears through familiarity. Another recommendation was to make sure that when you cut your cat’s nails, do it in a calm and familiar room where distractions such as outside birds are avoided. In addition to introducing clippers as a kitten, the ASPCA suggests paw massages as a regular comfort measure.

Plan nail trimming after the kitty has had a meal because a full belly creates a feeling of relaxation. Further suggestions reveal that best outcomes usually result when the cat is placed on your lap (if alone), facing away, and gently massaging the paw so that the nail is revealed so that trimming can take place.

For additional tips and do’s and don’ts for cutting your cat’s nails, please obtain professional advice from the ASPCA or your veterinarian. And remember that a relaxed cat in a quiet and familiar environment with a calm owner are key components to successful claw trimming.


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