Why Does My Dog Constantly Scratch?

Why Does My Dog Constantly Scratch??

Such a frequently asked!……Why is my dog always scratching, biting, chewing, rubbing, rolling, and licking? I keep him bathed, he gets his flea and ticks preventative medicine, and he drinks plenty and eats healthy.

Well, sometimes, an itch is more than an irritation. When you have any concerns about your pet, always call your veterinarian, the expert who can assess your dog, behavior, where he is scratching, and can check for skin issues.


According to the pharmaceutical companies that sell Dechra, Apoquel, and Cytopoint, all drugs used for dermatitis issues, diagnosing why itching occurs, is a complicated process because numerous reasons cause this effect. Often, there are primary and secondary reasons for itching. 

Common noticed scratching areas in dogs are as follows: ears, armpit, muzzle, paws, and the hind end. With chronic scratching, especially if the same area is affected, the skin may become raw, bleed, develop infections, leave a foul odor, and hair loss in the affected area/areas. 

Common diagnoses that lead to chronic itching/scratching




  • Allergic dermatitis- environmental allergies
  • Food allergies- immune reaction with certain foods
  • Flea allergy- can occur as a severe reaction to flea bites.
  • Bacterial infections- the most common is called staph pseudintermedius
  • Yeast infections- an overgrowth of yeast on the skin and in ears

                                                        Flea Allergy

Dechra is a drug used to treat these issues by managing the itching, and once the cause is determined, the veterinarian will make further recommendations. The first thing to do is to diagnose the reason for any itching. Therefore, the best treatment for your dog is early recognition, and as well as a veterinarian as soon as you notice repeated itching so that treatment may begin, thus providing faster relief and comfort. 


Apoque is a drug that is given by mouth and starts providing relief within 4 hours. And again, once the source of the itching is determined, treatment is recommended by your veterinarian.


Cytopoint therapy is unlike traditional drug therapy. It is known as biological therapy and is used to help prevent itching, one of the significant signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Cytopoint is administered via injection every one to two months and works like/with your dog’s immune system to neutralize the proteins that attack nerves, causing itching. By minimizing itching, skin can heal. Since atopic dermatitis is an environmental allergy, Cytopoint is usually given by your veterinarian every 4-8 weeks, all year round. 

Healing and restoring skin damaged by scratching and infections is often accomplished with the use of Douxo. Douxo is a skin barrier drug frequently prescribed by veterinarians for dogs recovering from such skin issues. This drug promotes a healthy skin barrier to prevent the effects of scratching. Douxo has four main positive actions: 


 Yeast Infections

  • calms the irritated and itchy skin, 
  • an antiseptic to prevent and manage inflammation and infection
  • manages seborrhea- all types
  • maintains healthy skin with continued use and recommended bathing.

Another significant aspect of Douxo is its availability in numerous forms, which helps different areas and dog personalities. It is available in pads, mousse, shampoo, Spot-on, and micro-emulsion.

Keeping track of when, how, where, and the intensity of your dog’s itching with the chart provided is essential for the veterinarian to view and know about so that treatments can be adjusted if need be. With the available treatments, your dog, you, and your family will have more quality, healthy and happy times.










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